The universe of beaches in the palm of your hand

labishi is born to become the reference when it comes to searching and discovering beaches, to help you find your ideal beach, wherever it is in the world. Now, with the labishi app, you will be able to access all this information from your mobile device. 1.001 beaches? No, thousands of them.

Get to know every beach as it is

At labishi, we control the content we publish, and we show you only quality pictures and contrasted information. We want that with the labishi app you can discover every beach as it is… and that you can do so quickly.

A careful selection of complementary, quality photographs, the most important attributes of each beach (and only those that are really relevant to avoid saturating you), reviews segmented by user profile, …

A unique experience

With the labishi app, searching and discovering beaches is an experience in itself. Thanks to our explorer, beaches finder, passport and community, now you will be able to discover new beaches and destinations every day as ever before! And easily remember and share your experiences and passion for the universe of the beaches.

Comments by some of our labishers

Lluís Llavina

I had long dreamed of an app like this. Every time I went to a new destination, I had to spend countless hours looking for the beaches in the area! And to make matters worse, the information was often incomplete and wrong. I have no doubt that, over time, the labishi app will become an essential tool for any adventurer and lover of the beaches.

Laura Torà

In recent years I have had the opportunity to travel a lot throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and discover many beaches. I wish at that time there had been an app like labishi! It does not yet sufficiently cover every place in the world, but gradually, if the project continues to make progress in this line, it will certainly be most useful for discovering new destinations, getting inspired and planning the new journey.

Joan Vendrell

The possibility of discovering some of the more than 100,000 beaches we have on our planet, makes me live intensely this global project. And being the audiovisual quality content an essential ingredient of labishi, and one of its big bets, as a photographer, be part of this adventure makes me vibrate. I am sure that discovering new beaches will be much easier from now on.